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Sunday, April 27, 2014

summer vacation 2014

It was a yearly summer visit in Manila where I spent a seemingly fun vacation. Included in my itinerary were visits in some never been-to places hehe. This year, we spent some days visiting malls in Makati. One stop was in Greenhills. I enjoyed the place especially the boutique section. There were lots of fashion finds at affordable prices. We also enjoyed the place because It was classy and very cozy. Not to mention the several encounters with some showbiz personalities hahahaha :)

2nd day was spent at Mall of Asia and the favorite past time of aunt and tito, bowling! We did some shopping and tried the videoke booth and enjoyed singing with my cousins..

Because it's summer, We also went to Bato Springs Resort in San Pablo, Laguna. All the fun because it super summer!! 

The place was really good!!

It was indeed a wonderful vacation!