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Monday, April 22, 2013

Visiting my mom's homeland-Burias Island

Our yearly visit at Burias Island has always been exciting. When I was a kid, we used to visit during December and summer. As times demanded work etc, we visited very often, sometimes once a year. It's always a family reunion along wioth island hopping.

The boat left at 7:00 in the morning from Pasacao Port. And since it's summer, the weather was just perfect! No tide and the sea was calm. Upon riding, you could view the Daruanak Islet(seen in the picture below)
My first snapshot with my bro and cousin, with the majestic Daruanak Islet!

The ride rans for 2 hours and a half. 
Along the middle of our ride, we saw what we have been waiting to see! Dolphins!! Sorry the pics not so clear because i was so excited to see them! Dolphins soo cute! They are in a group and passed by our boat for just a minute or so. It was fun! We were all amazed..

After 2 hour trip, we touchdown Burias Island. The gates of scenic mountains welcomes us, as well as the hospitality of my Asuncion Family.
In this pic are my niece/s..

Here's my aunt dolly, my favorite aunt. I am her favorite too haha..
This is her store and hollow blocks business.
It was a beautiful afternoon of fun when the kids danced in the tune of, the famous Gangnam style. Haha..

Of course, as foodie as we all are in an island. We enjoy "nilubak" or steamed banana, ewan ko kung tama bang steamed yan hahaha

This was our baon before going to a beach trip..

One important thing of our visit is to spend time with my "duday", my grandmother..
She's 80 yr old but she still the most sweet and loving lola ever. Super madaldal haha..
Mom's home is always the best.
Look at this wooden interior, ang ganda noh?

And here we go beach! Papicture muna sa vacation house. This is where we stayed for a day to enjoy the beach. The house interior was perfect!
Good times...
In Bahamas? haha the beach was simply the best.

nevermind my legs, lol
Just the fun and bonding of a family. My bro and dad's usual bonding is playing chess.. even at home, they enjoyed the tease and laughs..

and more tease and kulitan...

And the fun fun and funniest bonding with my ever loving family!!!
extremely wonderful visit!!
whew! i have the best summer in just 2 days EVER!

April 19-21,2013 
Burias, Island, Philippines