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Monday, January 20, 2014

reunited with my bestfriend for her son's christening

It's more like 10 years that I got separated with my high school bestfriend. And this time, we catch things up not the usual kikay teenage ways haha. I was invited to be the godparent to his cutiepatootie son, matteo.
Here's some pics. It was really fun :)

 I also get to laugh and kid with my hs friends.

Party Venue: Villa Caceres Hotel, Naga City

Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Calaguas Island Adventour..

Since summer time is almost here, my friends and I headed our way to one of the best summer destination at Daet, Camarines Norte, Calaguas Island!!

This is my college friend, Clarisse. This was our first pic at the bus on our way to our friends' house in Daet. Gee we were sooo excited!

It was 6am when we reached the port where we rode in the boat named after a whale- LUMBA LUMBA. All the other boat were named after huge sea creatures and it was too funny!

Here are some snapshots :)

On our way to the Island, we passes through several islets. The view was majestic and it made me even more excited to see all the other loong beaches!

looong beach!!!
When we passed through these islets, there was this deja vu feeling in me because these images were in my dreams and it's as if the place was home!! My excitement was extreme!

The boat ride took us for about 2 hours and tarannn!! we're here!!!

Aaahhh hello paradise!!
                          Just our first step and like wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ang ganda ganda ng sands!!!
The beach was beyond compare. The sands was white as heaven. The water was clean and warm.
And of course we did really really enjoy our summer fun! yeahhh :)
Chitchat and friendship!

One of the best shot I had was the sunset pics. Here's some...

Of course along with the celebration of the lenten season, I had several reflections during the trip. I was able to share the silence of a Good Friday while enjoying the amazing beach. The trip was fun and I really want to go back.. :)
Look at this morning moon at 5 am. God is Perfect.
wine over laughs

 we have the same designs of our slippers hehe :)
that was fun!!!!!!! Photo credits to cla and the food,fun and adventure to flo!! The best!
March 29-30, 2013